Alfalmint For Good Health

Alfalmint For Good Health

What is Alfalmint Liquid Chlorophyll?

This is your green light to good health! Introducing Alfalmint, the brand new liquid chlorophyll supplement designed for you and family. Although many people don’t realise it, chlorophyll’s properties make it a great supplement for humans as well as plants. On top of that chlorophyll is rich in oxygen and has the rare ability to bind with many carcinogenic chemicals. It can play a part in supporting the helpful aerobic bacteria that reside in our intestines, which in turn help us maintain our digestive tracts and ensure we are supplied with all the correct nutrients.

To understand the power of chlorophyll, it is more than a green pigment in plants, it is responsible for converting sunlight into energy. Its structure resembles hemoglobin, the red blood pigment. Therefore, the green pigment in plants is often called “blood products”.

The Cleansing Effect of Liquid Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll improves liver detoxification by increasing enzymes and therefore the body’s natural elimination of harmful toxins. Alfalmint contain a high amount of this precious green pigment per bottle. Alfalmint helps to detox the body by connecting to toxins and turning them into neutral materials. Chlorophyll is known for cleaning heavy metals out of the body that may have accumulated in different places.

Why Take Alfalmint?

  1. To enhance functions of thyroid gland
  2. To eliminate free radicals and to protect body cells
  3. To balance blood, pH values and eliminate body odour
  4. To promote detoxification and blood purification
  5. To strengthen functions of kidneys and urinary bladders
  6. To stop worry of constipation and promote metabolism
  7. To delay ageing and promote antioxidant
  8. To treat menstrual pain, vaginal discharge, and vaginal trichomoniasis
  9. To improve and enhance blood pressure
  10. To promote blood circulation and improve immune system
  11. Oral health, to remove bad breath and reduce sore throat
  12. To promote bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, relieve pain and accelerate healing wounds
  13. To promote lung functions and have an unobstructed bronchial
  14. To help improve asthma, heart disease and diabetes
  15. To promote liver functions, purify the liver and improve eyesight
  16. To promote digestion and improve gastrointestinal
  17. To stop suffering from insomnia
  18. To alleviate rheumatism and relieve joint pain
  19. To improve sensitive skin and beautify skin

How Do You Take Alfalmint?

Simply add the Alfalmint to fresh water. Benefit from its extraordinary virtues while adding some extra freshness to your water, if a flavored formula is chosen. For example, the mint flavor will add a pleasant sensation of freshness to your drink. Look for our another blog post on how you can make it tastier. Attention: a high-quality chlorophyll supplement should not contain preservatives.