Alfalmint In Your Diet

Alfalmint In Your Diet

Alfalmint Liquid Chlorophyll Benefits: Powerful Detoxifying Plant

Chlorophyll is green in colour. Chlorophyll is present in most green vegetables, and some of us take it as a health supplement. Before we proceed on how liquid chlorophyll can help us, let’s understand more about chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a pigment that gives plants their green color. Plants use chlorophyll along with sunlight to get their nutrients and use it to perform photosynthesis.

Chlorophyll transmute light into chemical energy, making it an important part of plant health and growth. The chemical structure of chlorophyll has similarities with human hemoglobin, which may explain the traditional use of chlorophyll as a blood-building and nutritive essence. It blocks carcinogenic effects within the body and protects DNA from damage caused by toxic molds like aflatoxin.

Chlorophyll can help increase red blood cell production, promote wound healing, decrease cholesterol and also radiation. This is why we must encourage people around us and have Alfalmint, a liquid chlorophyll supplement in your daily diet.

Alfalmint Chlorophyll in Your Diet

Increasing the chlorophyll in your diet is one way to support your health and improve the nutritional value of your meals. Consuming chlorophyll every day benefits your antioxidant levels, your immune system and your body detoxification.  Other than eating green vegetables, such as alfalfa and spinach. Consume Alfalmint at least one time a day. Just mix a teaspoon of Alfalmint into a cup of warm water and drink it.

Proven Health Benefits of Alfalfa & Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll provides a range of health benefits when included in the diet on a regular basis. The Effectiveness of Alfalmint:

  1. To enhance functions of thyroid gland
  2. To eliminate free radicals and to protect body cells
  3. To balance blood, pH values and eliminate body odour
  4. To promote detoxification and blood purification
  5. To strengthen functions of kidneys and urinary bladders
  6. To stop worry of constipation and promote metabolism
  7. To delay ageing and promote antioxidant
  8. To treat menstrual pain, vaginal discharge, and vaginal trichomoniasis
  9. To improve and enhance blood pressure
  10. To promote blood circulation and improve immune system
  11. Oral health, to remove bad breath and reduce sore throat
  12. To promote bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, relieve pain and accelerate healing wounds
  13. To promote lung functions and have an unobstructed bronchial
  14. To help improve asthma, heart disease and diabetes
  15. To promote liver functions, purify the liver and improve eyesight
  16. To promote digestion and improve gastrointestinal
  17. To stop suffering from insomnia
  18. To alleviate rheumatism and relieve joint pain
  19. To improve sensitive skin and beautify skin

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