Alfalmint is recommended for:

Children: to keep stamina and assure the kids live happily and grow healthily

Women: to recuperate menstruation and promote the secretion of estrogen

Athletes: to enhance endurance and physique

Seniors: to stay healthily with longevity

Vegetarians: nutritional alfalfa essence from its plant attraction

Healthy individuals: stay at the best level of health

Gravida with fetuses: enriched with high amounts of iron and calcium among natural plants contain to help promote the maternity and fetal nourishment of demand for iron and calcium

Ill health individuals: to promote purification, repairing and maintenance of internal organs and enhance special effects of the immune system

Smokers, drinkers: to help remove liver toxicity in improving liver functions

Meat and fast food gluttons: the authoritativeness of a medical inference from medical scientists unanimously has their affirmation that the probability is higher for those who are categorized in this group of gluttons to suffer from an illness are far beyond compared to those who are on vegetarian diet.