What is Alfalmint?

Alfalmint is a type of oral nutritional juice containing alkaline oxidation acts as a catalyst agent to help enhance human antioxidant index. The handling process treats the energy of anions of which the easy absorption of molecules of small tiny minerals and nutrients into body cells in achieving effective results of detoxification, rehabilitation and cell nourishment.

The application of American latest technology by extracting chlorophyll with low temperature from the fresh alfalfa and mint leaves which gets formulated after being concentrated. Having a long-term consumption not only helps improve the body internal organs by resuming the natural functioning coordination, balancing the organ system in optimizing the functionalities to the fullest but also to promote blood circulation, skin beautification. vitality preservation in contributing to conduce metabolism.

This product from Belina has a great assurance of being the essential healthcare oral nutritional juice for all walks of life, particularly the different age groups and vegetarians. The effectiveness shows irrefutable evidence to offer harmonizing the body five elements to get reconciled to its best level. This is regarded to be the wise choice of every household.